All programs are avaliable to Fairview residents and non-residents alike. The Fairview Parks & Recreation Authority is looking for community members who have an interest in parks & recreation, and who would be interested in leading programs for and with the authority.  Please contact the FPRA office if interested in leading programs or volunteering for events.


Please note that some class/program sizes are limited and spaces will only be reserved with payment and registration.  The FPRA does not mail confirmations for class enrollments. 

The FPRA offers a varitety of classes, programs, and athletic opportunities to the public.  It is our goal to ensure the best recreational experiences for those who participate.  Starting in the Winter '18-'19 programs, we will offer online registrations on the link below.  We highly encourage you to use the online registration portal, however, we still offer a paper registration in the FPRA offices.  This online portal shows you all the programs offered for this particular season, times, locations, and cost.  It also allows you to register and pay for the program right online.  



2018 - 2019 Winter Programs