Pleasant Ridge Park Disc Golf Course

PRP Disc Golf

Course Layout

The Pleasant Ridge Park Disc Golf Course is an 18 hole course throughout the 80+ acre park.  This course is set up for all skill levels as each hole has a red (beginner), White (intermidiate), and Blue (advance) tee boxes.  The course follows a number of established trails in the parks, and allows you to experience the many different habitats and forest structures in the park.  You will experence narrow challenging holes that require pinpoint accuracy to wide open fairways where the big bombers can show off how far they can throw a disc.  

The course is now fully open for play.  Thank you to our sponsors for helping make the front nine holes complete.

Find the course and score cards by downloading the UDISC app.  Using this app will help you navigate the course, keep score, post your score, and leave any comments on the course. 

Course Sponsors





Choice Vets








Hole Sponsors

Yo Yo Sam





If interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Fairview Township Parks and Recreation 814-474-5077

Grant Funding

The back Nine has an anticipated finish date for Spring of 2022.  The back nine holes are able to be completed thanks to a $5000 grant awarded by ECGRA (Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority).  This grant will help make purchases for baskets, signage, and maintenance. 

Disc Golf Rules and Instructions

The object of the game is to play the entire course in the fewest number of throws

  • Hole 4Do not throw until other park visitors are safely out of range.
  • Begin each hole by throwing from the tee pad.
  • Both feet must be behind the tee pad front edge when releasing your throw.
  • All other throws are made from the front edge of where your disc comes to rest
  • Players may not break, bend, or hold back any object or vegetation in order to make room for their throwing motion or their path to the basket.
  • The rules require you to take the “least invasive” stance behind your disc.
  • Players in groups throw one at a time.
  • The player whose disc is the farthest from the basket throws next.Hole 6
  • To complete the hole, your disc must come to rest in the basket or chains.
  • Any littering is considered a courtesy violation and incurs a 1-stroke penalty.

DG Code

Park Rules
  • Park is open Sunrise to Sunset
  • Always use pathways where possible.
  • Help protect the park by not harming or damaging vegetation.
  • No glass containers allowed in park areas.
  • Clean up after your pets and keep them leased at all times.
  • No littering
  • Be courteous to other park visitors.
  • No over night camping. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Fairview Parks and Recreation office at 814-474-5077