Fairview School District

(814) 474 2600

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The mission of the Fairview School District is to prepare all of its students to compete successfully in a global society. The district will carry out this mission through the use of technology, partnership with area businesses, staff development, appropriate facilities, and a comprehensive curriculum.

Since the fall of 1996 the public education of the children of Fairview Township has been centered on an 85-acre campus along the south end of the village, east of Avonia Road. The education of our children began in temporary facilities in the settlement at the mouth of Walnut Creek before 1800. As the population increased, neighborhood schools were built all around the township and in the village area. After the village incorporated in 1868 two school districts existed. In 1928 a new joint high school opened on Chestnut Street which was large enough to accommodate all the high school students from the two districts. The two systems consolidated in the mid 1950s and began a building program that would eventually include a new elementary, middle and high school building, plus an administration building, bus garage and athletic complex.


Fairview Elementary School
7460 McCray Road
(814) 474-2600
Principal (814) 474-2600 ext. 5230

Fairview Middle School
4967 Avonia Road
(814) 474-2600
Principal (814) 474-2600 ext. 4103

Fairview High School
7460 McCray Road
(814) 474-2600
Principal (814) 474-2600 ext. 3102

Administration Building
7460 McCray Road
Human Resources: (814) 474-2600
Superintendent: (814) 474-2600 ext. 6210
Asst. Superintendent: (814) 474-2600 ext. 6217
Bus Garage: (814) 474-2600 ext. 2290
Guidance: (814) 474-2600 ext. 3111 or 3112