Single Stream Recycling

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As Fairview Township enters into its new 5-year contract with Waste Management effective January 1, 2021, it is important to understand what can and what cannot be recycled. Our recycling program through Waste Management is considered “single stream.” This means that all acceptable items can be mixed together and placed curbside in blue recycling totes or bins. In combining recyclable materials, the potential exists for contaminates to make their way into the stream which can result in everything ending up in the landfill instead of at a recycling facility. Therefore, recycle often, but recycle right!

Recyclable Items

Newspapers and magazines

Full-size office paper


Paperboard boxes

Plastics 1 and 2

Aluminum drink cans

Metal food cans

Just because it can’t be placed in a tote or bin doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not recyclable. For example, glass is still a valuable commodity that can be recycled. Glass recycling depositories have been popping up throughout Erie County, and glass collection will once again take place at Fairview Township’s annual clean-up day. Another example is plastic bags. A number of grocery stores have receptacles in place for people to deposit plastic bags. The Erie County Recycling Program is a valuable resource for people trying to navigate the constantly evolving recycling landscape. Visit their website at more information.