Township Information

Millfair Compost Recycling Center Permit

Obtaining a Permit for Millfair Compost Recycling Center will benefit you for speedier access into the facility.  Get your free permit card at the site with your license/photo ID.

Bag Service

Drawing of tied yellow garbage bagFor residents that put very little trash out each week, you may want to go on the “bag service” and have no quarterly Waste Management bill.   We offers two options to residents.

1) Green bags are available to purchase at the Township building and are $27.50 for a pack of 5 green bags.  If you wish to have Household Hazardous Waste / E-waste Collection you will pay $12.00 a year.  You are able to put out unlimited recyclables out each week.  

2) You are able to opt out of the Household Hazardous Waste / E-Waste collection and only be responsible for purchasing the green bags; you are able to put out unlimited recyclables with this as well. 

This service is very helpful for any residents who only put out one bag of trash every 2 to 3 weeks.  If you feel this service would benefit you please call Waste Management 1-888-964-9724 and change your account to "Per Bag" Service today.

Recycle Totes

Drawing of Recycle ToteYou may have noticed new large blue recycling bins around your neighborhood. If the small recycling bin does not meet your needs, or you are using two or three of them, please stop by the township building to see the new toters.  There are two sizes to pick from, a 65 gallon bin on wheels with a lid and a 35 gallon bin on wheels with a lid . With the help of a grant, the cost to residents will be $20.00 each. If you are interested, please pick one up at the Township Building.

Drawing of small binSince we can recycle so much more with the single stream program, this may be just what you need. You will be able to place all of your cans, bottles, newspapers, magazines,  and plastics in the same container.

The small bins are also still available at the township office.  Thes bins are FREE to any Fairview Resident.  You will also be able to place all of your cans, bottles, glass, newspapers, magazines, junk mail and plastics #1 through #7 in the same container

Make House Numbers Visible

All house numbers should be visible from the road to aid the emergency 911 system in the Township. If your home is set back from the road, please be sure your numbers are in plain view on your mailbox.  The Emergency personnel have great difficulty finding the address that needs their assistance.  It is for your personal safety and welfare to provide clear and visible numbers.

Snow Plowing And Parked Cars On The Road

Snow plowing is often done at night and under constraints in order to finish before the school buses begin their rounds. In order to adequately clean the road surfaces for safe travel, snow is pushed off, usually into the right-of-way. Too often cars have been parked on the road or right-of-way which creates narrow lanes. This can result in property damage, landscape destruction, mail boxes being knocked over, automobiles being damaged by the snowplow blades, and sometimes inadequate plowing. Parking on the road is more apt to happen in the winter than summer when grass and lawns are open.

Mail Boxes

A mail box is regarded as private property, located on public property. The height specification, as required by the U.S Postal Service, is 42 inches to the bottom of the box. Fairview Township's policy is that mail boxes are permitted in the road right-of-way at the owner's risk. If it is knocked down during the course of road maintenance the township will not replace it. To accommodate road maintenance, the box may be placed on a 1 1/2 steel pipe, 1 1/2 inch T-iron, or a 4" x 4" wood post, but a concrete or brick post is not acceptable.

Remember, the road right-of-way width varies throughout the township. In some cases the road may only be paved 10 feet out from the center. The Township maintains the right-of-way to allow safe passage for all types of emergency traffic, bicycles and pedestrians.

In locating or relocating your mail box, contact the Township Zoning Office, 474-5942 for proper placement and height requirements.