A mail box is regarded as private property, located on public property. The height specification, as required by the U.S Postal Service, is 42 inches to the bottom of the box. Fairview Township's policy is that mail boxes are permitted in the road right-of-way at the owner's risk. If it is knocked down during the course of road maintenance the township will not replace it. To accommodate road maintenance, the box may be placed on a 1 1/2 steel pipe, 1 1/2 inch T-iron, or a 4" x 4" wood post, but a concrete or brick post is not acceptable.

Remember, the road right-of-way width varies throughout the township. In some cases the road may only be paved 10 feet out from the center. The Township maintains the right-of-way to allow safe passage for all types of emergency traffic, bicycles and pedestrians.

In locating or relocating your mail box, contact the Township Zoning Office, 474-5942 for proper placement and height requirements.