Single-Stream Recycling Program

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All of your recyclables can be placed together in the same bin. No sorting required! 

The following can be placed in your recycling bin:

  • Wax coated paper or wax coated cardboard 
  • Aluminum, steel and tin food & beverage containers 
  • Clear & colored glass containers 
  • Newsprint-if it comes with the paper, it can be recycled with the newspaper 
  • Kitchen cardboard – cereal, cake boxes, pudding, pancake boxes 
  • Papers – construction, printer, computer & copy 
  • Junk mail 
  • Magazines & Catalogs 
  • Corrugated cardboard – flattened & no larger than 4 ft.  
  • PLASTICS #1 through #7 which includes milk, water and soda bottles, laundry products, cleaning products, plastic grocery bags, shrink-wrap packaging, medicine bottles, personal care containers butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, jello & pudding containers. 

Please remove food debris from containers. Labels do not have to be removed. Lids should be removed from containers, but can be placed in the recycling bin. All of the above recyclable items can be placed in your bin together, but, please do not place light items like plastic bags or pieces of paper so they can blow out of your bin. You can use a clear or blue bag to contain these items and place in your bin.

Not Accepted

  • Batteries 
  • Styrofoam of any kind 
  • Unnumbered plastics 
  • Household items 
  • Hazardous or toxic substances 
  • Aerosol cans 


Cell Phones & Printer Cartridges

Your requests to recycle these items have been heard and can now be recycled.  In association with our Parks & Recreation Department, arrangements have been made to collect and recycle all used cell phones and all ink-jet or laser printer cartridges (NO TONER CARTRIDGES) All of these items will be collected year-round at the Fairview Township Municipal Building, 7471 McCray Road.  Cell phones and printer cartridges donated for recycling will earn money for our Parks and Recreation Department.