Bag Service


For residents that put very little trash out each week, you may want to go on the “bag service”.  Which offers two options to residents.

1) If you wish to have Household Hazardous Waste / E-waste Collection you will pay $12.00 a year and will be responsible for purchasing yellow bags (available at the Township) which are 5 bags for $27.50.  You are able to put out unlimited recyclables out each week.  

2) You are able to opt out of the Household Hazardous Waste / E-Waste collection and only be responsible for purchasing the yellow bags; you are able to put out unlimited recyclables with this as well. 

This service is very helpful for any residents who only put out one bag of trash every 2 to 3 weeks.  If you feel this service would benefit you please call Waste Management 1-888-964-9724 and change your account to "Per Bag" Service today.