Qi Gong

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Qi Gong means breath work and is for all ages, shapes and sizes! It can be done standing or sitting so it is ideal for anyone that may have a medical condition. Students learn to be the best they can be regardless of any limitations they may have. By focusing on slow deep breathing you learn to relax and get a better understanding of your body and mind connection. The main benefits of Qi Gong include, but not limited to:

Boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and stress, as well as improve balance. In a class setting we are helping each other by working on ourselves and improving the sense of well-being for everyone there. Practicing Qi Gong will have a lasting effect that continues on for the rest of your life with regular practice. Minimum of 5 people to hold the class, maximum of 20.

Fee  Option 1-$45.00 for March 6 thru 27
  Option 2-$45.00 for April 3 thru 24
  Option 3-$45.00 for May 1 thru 22
  OR $120.00 for all THREE Sessions
Site New Life Community Church, 1755 Lord Rd, Fvw.
Day  Tuesday
Time  1:30-2:30PM
Instructor  Sifu Fred Popeski, Wu Yi Jie He 5th Generation Chief Instructor

About the instructor: Fred Popeski has studied the martial arts since 1989 with Tai Chi and Qi Gong being the main area of interest. The Wu Yi Jie He family system is a great benefit not only for himself but for his students as well. Fred is continuing his training with Sifu George Picard, a fourth generation Master of The Wi Yi Jie He Family System.