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All Programs Are Open To And Cost The Same For Residents And Nonresidents.*

New School Policies!

Attention Participant And Guardians!

The Fairview Parks & Recreation Authority (FPRA) would like to thank you for your continued understanding and patients regarding the school buildings being locked as stated in previous magazine issues. The security changes that have been made will help ensure the safety and security for you, your children, our instructors and coaches as well as the school.  As of May 1, 2013 all of the buildings will be locked once school starts for the day and will not be unlocked again until the start of the next school day.  The FPRA instructors/coaches have keys to get into the appropriate building(s) however it will be the participants’ responsibility to arrive to class on time so little or no interruption will occur.  Please inform the person at the door what program you/your child are attending.

This is a work in progress so please be patient and understanding.  Should you have any questions regarding the security changes you may contact the FPRA office at (814)-474-5077 or the School District at (814)-474-2600.

All Adults Attending Walk-In Programs Will Now Have To Be Pre-Registered At The FPRA Office Prior To The Class To Be Admitted Into The Building.  IF YOU HAVE ALREADY FILLED OUT A WAIVER FORM DURING THE CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RE-REGISTER UNLESS PERTINENT INFORMATION HAS CHANGED. All classes that are affected by this new rule will be noted below with specific details to that class.  Anyone who wishes to attend a walk-in program at any point must first send in a registration/waiver form at least one day in advance to get on the list.  You will still have to sign in nightly and may still pay when you attend but your name must be on the list to be allowed into the building.  For your convenience, you may drop your registration/waiver form in our package drop box accessible 24/7.  This is located to the right of the front entrance doors of the Fairview Township Building. 

Fairview Elementary School

To gain access to this building for your child’s program, please go to the front entrance doors.  The instructor will have to watch for you to let you in.  If you arrive late you may not be let in promptly. 

Fairview Middle School

For programs in the gymnasium please go to the doors at the gym and someone will let you in as long as you are on the pre-registration list. For programs not in the gymnasium, please go to the front entrance doors by the FMS office and someone will let you inside as long as you are on the pre-registration list. 

Fairview High School

For programs offered in the FHS cafeteria or computer lab please use the north entrance doors (side with stairs).  Someone will need to let you in. For programs offered in the lower gymnasium or wrestling room you will need to use the downstairs entrance on the east side of the building.  There is a buzzer that you will need to push to let someone know you are there.

Fairview High School Pool

 To gain access to the pool, you must use the north entrance (side with stairs).  Please press the blue "POOL" button to the far left of the doors.  This will buzz the pool and let the instructor/lifeguard know you are there.  A camera will also display you at the pool via a monitor.  If the instructor/lifeguard knows you are there for swimming they will press a button from the pool deck to release the door to let you in.  If they do not know who you are they will call you over a speaker system and you will be able to respond.  Once they verify that you are there for a swim program they will press the button to release the door for you.