Fairview Business Park

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Project History

The Fairview Business Park property was acquired in the mid 1990’s and developed in two phases. The first involved purchase of the Platz farm on the west side of Route 98 consisting of approximately 118- acres, known as Phase I. The second purchase was the former Commodore Downs property located on the east side of Route 98 consisting of approximately 303-acres, known as Phase II. GEIDC was able to secure grants and low interest loans to extend off-site water and sewer mains to serve the site and to construct infrastructure to serve lots within the business park.

Construction of Phase I began in 1997 and was completed in 1998. Approximately one mile of new roadway and utilities serves 14 industrial lots and 2 commercial lots. Phase I is currently the home to American Turned Products, Hanes Erie, Healthcare Lighting, Maxpro and Connex. 

Construction of Phase II began in 1999 and was completed in 2002. Approximately two miles of new roadway and utilities was constructed to serve 23 industrial lots and a large commercial lot along Route 98. Phase II is currently the home to Advanced Finishing USA, Windsor Beach, Shultz Furniture Distribution Center and Formtech. The U.S. Army is preparing to construct a new reserve center on Lot #13 in the near future.


The Fairview Business Park is the largest business park in Erie County. It sits within 500 feet of the I-90 and PA Rt. 98 (Avonia Road) Interchange, Exit 16.

Cost & Employment

The total cost of land and infrastructure (water, sewer, roads and storm water management) was approximately $8.0 million. Total real estate investment, including new manufacturing plants, will be well over $100 million at completion. Over two dozen companies are expected to develop sites ranging from 4 acres up to 60 acres. The Park will accommodate up to 4,000 jobs at full development. 

The following have assisted financially in the acquisition and development of the Park: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the Fairview Township Sewer Authority, the Fairview Township Water Authority and the County of Erie. 

Zoning & Environmental

The Fairview Business Park is zoned Industrial Park District and Commercial, which will allow a number of industrial operations at the site. The Industrial Park District is patterned after the successful Bundy and Baldwin Parks. It assures landscaping and aesthetic standards to maintain a park-like environment while allowing up to 50% lot coverage for primary and accessory uses. 

Over 30 acres of pristine wetlands and uplands have been preserved as part of the development, providing attractive open green-space on the south edge of the development. Phase Two of the Park includes a public park and pond, completed in the summer of 2001. 


GPU Energy, National Fuel Gas, Verizon and Fairview Township Water and Sewer Authorities serve the occupants of the Fairview Business Park. All utility assessments/access fees have been paid by the developer, with only modest connection fees to be levied. In cooperation with the Fairview Authorities, the project has brought public sewers for the first time to the Village of Fairview, as well as two Fairview schools. 

Benefits and Incentives

Approximately 36 acres (4 lots) in Phase II have been designated as Tax-Free Keystone Opportunity Zones, which relieves owners of all local and state taxes through 2013.

A five-year LERTA Ordinance has been approved for the Industrial District land in the business park. Fixed low-interest financing is available for the purchase of land and building construction for qualifying industrial projects, for a term of up to 15 years, with a participation rate of 50% of the total project cost. Other low interest programs are available for machinery and equipment, as well as additional financing (via Industrial Revenue Bonds) for real estate and equipment.

Pennsylvania Job Tax Credits are available for new construction at the park, be it for commercial or industrial purposes. A tax credit of $1,000 per new employee can be applied to the tax burden of the firm, under the PA Corporate Net Income Tax or PA Personal Income Tax.

There are a number of other incentives available to businesses here including: customized job training, technical assistance, operations assistance, and other financing programs are provided to eligible projects.

Land Availability

The Fairview Business Park offers lots from 1.2 to 83 acres. Regular lots are available for sale at $50,000 per acre and Keystone Opportunity Zone lots are available for sale at $53,000 per acre.