Fairview Township has signed a new 5-year contract with Waste Management

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Effective January 1, 2015, Fairview Township has a new 5-year contract with Waste Management at a fixed rate of $26.34 per month for unlimited service.  This amount includes recycling, the At-Your-Door Hazardous Home Waste and Electronic Waste program and 5 weeks of unlimited curbside leaf pickup.  If you rent your green waste bin, there will be an additional $3.00 per month fee.

If you would like to opt-out of the traditional quarterly billing system with unlimited trash collection, you may choose the Per Bag Program.  With this pay-as-you-throw program, residents may purchase the green/yellow bags for $20.00 for 5 bags at the Township building, and put them out for collection by Waste Management on your regular trash pick-up day or as often as you wish.  Unlimited recycling and curbside leaf pick-up is also included. The Household Hazardous Waste program will cost an additional $13.32 per year for residents on the Per Bag program.

  • Monday pickup - residents living south of Route 20

  • Wednesday pickup - residents living north of Route 20

Recycling is mandatory for all residents and commercial businesses. Burning of garbage, recyclable items and/or leaf waste as defined by Act 101 and Fairview Township Ordinance #2007-3 is prohibited.

For residents, curbside service is available through Waste Management by calling 800-458-0476.

Recyclable items are picked up on the same day as trash. During the scheduled two weeks of curbside leaf waste pickup, a separate truck is used to pick up leaf waste. Both sizes of blue recycling bins are available at the Township Office, 7471 McCray Road.

Home Collection Program for Household Generated Special Materials




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