Code Enforcement

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Code Enforcement is the enforcement of all Township Ordinances other than the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. It is performed by the Townships Code Administrator via the Planning and Zoning Office.

Our most frequent ordinance violations include the following:

  • Zoning Ordinance:
    • Clear Sight Triangle – Maintaining sight visibility at street corners
    • Building Setbacks – Maintaining proper setbacks in each district
    • Outside Storage – Allowing no more than 200 square feet of outside storage in residential zoning districts
    • Obtaining Zoning,Driveway,Temporary, and Solicitation Permits
  • Performance Standards Ordinance – Noise
  • Nuisance Ordinance – Barking dogs
  • Unsafe Structure Ordinance – Removal or repair of unsafe buildings
  • Grass Mowing Ordinance – Maintaining grass at a maximum height of six inches
  • Solid Waste – Recycling, solid waste removal, and open burning
  • Stormwater – Maintenance of stormwater retention basins

All Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Codes are enforced by the Contracted Building Code Official via the Building Inspection Office.

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